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Clip of lady decapitated by cartels

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ISIS beheading children and women (after stripping naked) -parallels Hindu Story

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Mexican hitwoman of Zetas cartel reveals affinity for drinking human blood

Pkf Killer Nurse Valentina Nappi. Remove ads Ads by TrafficFactory. Shocking exam nurse stops the heart 41 min Medical Fetishes - 4. Ancient Evil Scream of the Mummy 85 min Mrzodiac - She willingly gave it all till the end 11 min Medical Fetishes - Gallows hangings 5 min Ewp Mike - Hazel abducted drugged and hung out for use 31 min Medical Fetishes - 2.

Elfen Laid 1 26 min Free-hentai - 2. Fiction murder straitjacket forced kill 3 min Earlturner - Live Stream 30 sec Ewp Mike - Murder Obsession 4 min Valkocompany - By Jennifer Guay For Mailonline. The diminutive hitwoman for the feared Zetas cartel felt compelled to share her affinity for intercourse with headless bodies from her California jail cell. Juana was born in Hidalgo, near Mexico City. She became pregnant at 15 by a man 20 years her senior.

Her job entailed standing at a lookout point for eight hours at a time.

Disturbing Beheading Of Brazilian Girl

If she failed, Juana said she was tied up and fed a single taco per day. Her aversion to blood did not last long, however.

clip of lady decapitated by cartels

The beautiful hitwoman claims she would drink, bathe in, and use her victims' warm blood to pleasure herself after murdering them. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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Argos AO. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Mexican hitwoman of Zetas cartel reveals affinity for drinking human blood e-mail 12k. Comments Share what you think. View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Europe starts to go back to work: Millions of Spaniards are allowed to resume their non-essential jobs Trump retweets FireFauci after top immunologist said lives would have been saved if President had followed Nursery worker, 21, who was waiting for life-saving liver operation dies after being taken off transplant Now it's vital that he rests to recover from his Education Secretary Gavin Williamson fears keeping schools shut until May half-term could cause issues for Sweden faces stricter quarantine as PM admits measures were 'not good enough' - while Austria is set to Michael Gove denies breaking lockdown rules as he is photographed jogging in a park after his daughter Lockdown… and dirty!

Britain's coronavirus deaths surge past grim 10, milestone - even as death and infection rates drop The comic legend who really was a Goodie: How Tim Brooke-Taylor, who has died from coronavirus aged 79, Oil prices rise 4.

Huawei warns UK government not to bow to pressure and do U-turn on 5G rollout after coronavirus crisis Britons head to the parks and beaches to soak up 73F heat despite lockdown - while Bank Holiday Glumday!

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Church of England transports millions of pounds worth of rare valuables to the Tower of London over fearsFrom the advent of Islam, it is the brutality that was used to conquer. Steven Knapp quotes Arab memoirs of literally rivers of blood and the number of men and women sold in Arab markets as slaves women as sex slaves.

But what is more important is not who did it, but what drives them to do it. That is the point lost in the struggle between Muslims and other communities. A Muslim child is raised with Koranic verses such as below from childhood and Prophet as the model. What does child assimilate when he was told the hate speech such as a Kafir is same as Urine, Feces, Semen, Dead Body, Blood, Dog, Pig, sweat of an animal who eats impure najis and alcoholic beverages. This is recited as sacred verse.

When people say that is a matter of interpretation, how much is there to interpret here and Mosques themselves are not making it a secret. Just watch how an animal is slaughtered and how a Kafir is. There is a Hindu Kush Hindu slaughter mountains in now Afghanistan and Pakistan region where just on one day they headedHindus. But that is history and why we worry. Because it is repeating again and again and we live in our own world, rather not see to it.

This is not to say there were no retaliations and in places like Calcutta Muslims were slaughtered after Hindus realized they could go to East Pakistan if they kept quiet. The boys task is to marry, produce children and move on to another girl. InMosques blared in Kashmir asking Hindu men to leave after leaving behind Hindu women that resulted in half millions still living as refugees in their own country. Same with the middle aged Hindu woman by Muslim men in UP inserted a big rusted rod into her vagina and killed her.

Durant notes how Ghazni could not find enough carts to carry the enormous wealth of just one Somanth temple after slaughtering 50, Hindu priests. The estimate is Islam killed 80 million in Indian Sub continent and million worldwide. Those Muslims who do not perform the brutalities either become immune or indifferent because deep in their psyche, a Kafir is less than animal.

Many are in a denial phase and have little courage to face the truth. When Muslims pray in Mosque, with all men standing in rows and fiery sermons, it is nothing but a call for conquest. It is never ending cycle of brainwashing and violence. A brutal religion only can produce the brutes that are ISIS. While one is using its abilities to shield its people, the other is using every opportunity to use its people as shields.

Half of Muslims, women are forced to wear burkha and hijab so that she will not arouse passions for man while man can have four wives at least in Sunni sect. This is Islam for the world. But reading this stuff and putting our heads in the sand will not help.He is believed to be a soldier from a rival, and included are pictures of him armed with an AK in the jungle.

Cartels attempt to smuggle cannabis, cocaine, heroin, and meth across the border from the South American country into the southern states of America. Earlier this year, a location scout for Netflix drama Narcos was killed in a suspected cartel attack in Mexico. Separate incidents were also recorded in the city of Guadalajara nearby, where two severed heads were found with notes directed at the JNGC.

Extreme violence has characterised the war on drugs in Mexico, with gang members using increasingly vicious tactics. Police and soldiers are working on the frontline to try and curb the cartels as murder rates skyrocket.

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By Henry Holloway Chief Reporter. Please see our Privacy Notice for more information on how we use your data and your data protection rights. Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice. View gallery. News all Most Read Most Recent. He has also given up the surname 'Wales', which he used at school and in the army.

Animals The seagull swallowed the live furred animal in big gulps within seconds as it hunted for food on Skomer Island, off the Pemborkeshire coast. Police issue coronavirus 'weapon' warning after spate of spit and cough crimes Coronavirus Three people have been arrested after "using the threat of coronavirus as a weapon" - claiming to have Covid before spitting and coughing on police and members of the public.

Coronavirus Bishop Gerald Glenn died three days after testing positive for Covid and had recently addressed a congregation at New Deliverance Evangelistic Church in Richmond, Virginia.

Coronavirus Footage that has surfaced online appearing to show two people romping together in St James's Park just yards from Buckingham Palace.

clip of lady decapitated by cartels

However, police insist they did not observe any sex and gave them a telling off. But a new documentary featuring a fresh testimony claims she was telling the truth. Most Read Most Recent. Louise Redknapp Louise Redknapp took advantage of the warmer weather and enjoyed an afternoon in her back garden as Brits stay home in order to combat the spread of coronavirus. Coronavirus Doctors have made the foul discovery that farting could spread the Covid disease — unless infected people wear pants which can protect this from happening.

Coronavirus A man from Hull camping in Wales over Easter weekend brandished a stick at a local dad who asked him and his friend to leave the area due to the coronavirus lockdown.

Top Stories. The Apprentice. Man arrested for murder after wife's 'suspicious' texts said she had coronavirus Crime David Anthony has been charged with the murder and kidnap of estranged wife Gretchen, who disappeared last month but still hasn't been found. China coronavirus cases hit highest spike in six weeks sparking fears of 'second wave' Coronavirus.

UK weather set to turn cold as country's Easter weekend in lockdown comes to end Met Office. David Beckham. Britain's biggest family the Radfords announce name of baby number 22 Family.Real spit. La Barbie was doing this in what, ? At least years before ISIS was a thing. But, splitting hairs and all that La familia michoacana was doing that and really started the trend in mexican cartels to chop bodies up in peaces and also decapitate.

Before isis. I believe the first leader was killed in at about that time, just that he was operating under the al queda umbrella but already beheading people. Even the Al Queda leadership thought they were too violent. Was "pepe Mendez" with the AD of Tancitaro, and then elected policia rural by castillos de kagada?

The mexican govt didn't want the genuine autodefensa movement, so look at the result. Govt in collusion with cartels continues to wreak havoc.

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Now no-one can stop it. If they really wanted a quick death with a beheading and a lot less messy they would start the cut at the back of the neck from behind. Just after cutting through the vertebra the person would be dead and not much blood as heart would have already stopped well before the head comes off.

That would be the more 'humane' way to do it if you want to call it that. Instead they have a huge show of blood as the body empties itself of fluid after the juglar is cut and more and more blood spilled with each pump of the heart. I really think most people pass out from loss of blood and shock within the 1st minute which would explain their compliant nature during this heinous act.

I had a girlfriend who had her juglar sliced in an attack by a jealous woman and she says surprisingly it doesn't hurt and I think it's because there's not many nerves's in the neck The horrible part is the audio hearing the blood gurgle down into the lungs while the unconscious person struggles to breathe. I saw this with 1 of the Beltran executions. He fought at 1st and they just plunged a knife in him to the hilt in the chest. I did see an exception to this with an American contract worker that was kidnapped in the Middle East and the ransom was not paid I forget the guy's name but OMG he screamed his head off almost throughout the entire procedure.

They must have not cut through all of his voicebox and he unfortunately stayed conscious. I have only seen a handful of them and don't like watching them anymore and have trouble sleeping after seeing them. I suppose it was simple curiousity at 1st and I'm sure others feel the same way.Early this morning in the northern Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo, police found the decapitated body of a woman with a message saying she was killed because she posted information about cartel activities on a social networking site.

The narco-sign indicates the Zetas cartel was responsible. It was placed next to her decapitated head, along with two computer keyboards and a CD player. A photo of that "narco manta" is above, and a translation follows. There are photos of her naked, mangled body circulating online.

They're linked further below for those who choose to view. This grotesque murder is the third this week in Nuevo Laredo that targeted bloggers and social networking site users.

As noted in a previous Boing Boing postthe similarly tortured bodies of two people were found hanging from a bridge just days ago in this same border town. Near those bodies, another handwritten message signed by the Zetas which threatened internet users, people who post info at social networking sites, and named three "narco blogs" as targets.

Cartels have long threatened journalists with conventional news outlets radio, TV, and newspapersbut the focus on " internet snitches " is recent, and notable.

The killing took place at a site located 1 mile from the international border with the U. The location is indicated by the red circle in the map below. Click to enlargeor view in Google Maps. The name of today's victim has been reported as Marisol Macias Castaneda, and she is identified as a year-old newsroom manager for the Nuevo Laredo newspaper Primera Hora.

However, she was apparently targeted not for her work at the newspaper, but for what she posted at an online discussion forum called Nuevo Laredo en Vivo in English, "Nuevo Laredo Live". That website's ID banner is below click to enlarge. On a messageboard at that website, Nuevo Laredo residents share drug seller sightings, and publish eyewitness tips of cartel activity for the police and army to pursue. More from an Associated Press report follows:.

The site prominently features tip hotlines for the Mexican army, navy and police, and includes a section for reporting the location of drug gang lookouts and drug sales points — possibly the information that angered the cartel.

The message found next to her body on the side of a main thoroughfare referred to the nickname the victim purportedly used on the site, "La Nena de Laredo," or "Laredo Girl.

Police 'Torture' Videos Cause Uproar in Mexico

Thank you for your attention, respectfully, Laredo Girl The letter "Z'' refers to the hyper-violent Zetas drug cartel, which is believed to dominate the city across from Laredo, Texas. Earlier today, the news of this most recent cartel execution was reported at the Mexican news site Proceso and at La Jornada Spanish language. Another report appeared at sinembargo.

clip of lady decapitated by cartels

Rubiosnews, anther Spanish-language narco news site, has extremely graphic photos of the dead woman's body. Think before you click, the images are gruesome. The specific site in Nuevo Laredo where today's killing was found is a monument to Christopher Columbus unveiled less than a year ago. That monument has become a popular dumping ground at which warring cartels drop the bodies of their beheaded and tortured victims, to terrorize local residents.Thanks for sharing such important information which is very useful.

I really appreciate your way of work. You can dial Geek squad tech support number for any software and hardware assistance at your home. Post a Comment. Pages Home What's a Drug Cartel?

Who's fighting who? The date on which it was recorded and location are unknown. The video lasts approximately 6 minutes and shows a group of men dressed in military fatigues and wearing ski-masks; which is very common among cartel hitmen. The men then proceed to execute their victim by first castrating him alive, as regional Mexican music plays in the background; but one can still hear the victim's lamenting screams. After castrating their victim alive, they then proceed to cut the man's facial skin off his head, and finally, decapitate him with a large machete.

A cooler is place underneath the victim; for his head will be placed their after it's fully detached. His body is then butchered into pieces small enough to fit in plastic bags; in which they are ultimately placed. Descargar video, calidad original. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

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clip of lady decapitated by cartels