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Preloader js codepen

You can view this elegant preloader in action at www. We are using :before and :after CSS3 pseudo elements and positioning them absolute. As you can see, we are not defining any width or height on the nested squares. We are simply setting the top, left, right and bottom offset.

If we decide to change the size of loader later on, our nested elements would scale automatically. To turn all our squares into lines we will simply change the border to transparent and only set the border-top-color. Add the following to each of the elements. We will add the animation to each of our element and use two keyframes to rotate each line by deg. We will also set the animation ease to linear and tweak the duration of the animations for loader and loader:before.

Now we have a nicely animating CSS3 preloader. Play with the timing, border size and colors to create your own unique preloader. Have you seen another cool CSS3 preloader or preloading animation sequence that you would like to be deconstructed?

That is a great effect and looks very nice, but I was curious about if you could make them spin the other way around.

CSS Preloaders - 13 CSS Loading Animation & Spinners Examples For Your Website

It could be used for some very fun effects. Hey Pedro, thanks for reading. Sure you can change the direction by changing deg to a negative value of deg.

Thanks for pointing it out Aliaksandr. More on that on CSS Tricks. Cheers man. Hi Stefano, yes you are right. Unfortunately keyframes are not supported by IE9.

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I realize the thread is a bit old. Hi Mike, simply add a p or span inside of the loader-wrapper and style it accordingly.

I hope it is legal to use your code on my website.

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Once it these site is online I will post a link.Your website may take a little more time to load all the contents regardless of how lightweight or fast your pages are. Having a complete blank webpage on screen while waiting for the website to load is a boring experience for the visitors. This is where the CSS preloader comes into play.

With many pages on your site, you might be thinking what to do to add a preloader.

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Hakuna matata. Today, we will tell you how you can do this in the quickest possible way. Adding a CSS preloader to your website is pretty simple. It is just about a few lines of code. Even a non coder can do this just by copying and pasting these codes. Your desired preloader animation may be different but the process to do this is almost alike. We are giving you an example on how you can make changes to bring your desired preloader animation on your site.

If you have followed each step accurately your preloader will start working immediately. Visit your website to check. We thank SpinKit for some of the codes. Subscribe to our mailing list to receive an update when new items arrive! Gutenberg Compatible WordPress Theme!

GIF, SVG, APNG loading animations

Download Free. New Popular Featured Pro. Total Items: Community Users: Add the following code snippet to your index. Add the following piece of jQuery code to your JS file.

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The dark mode beta is finally here. Change your preferences any time. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. I am trying to use a pre-loader that I've found over on codepen, but it seems like when I use the code off the site things don't work as expected.

The element just doesn't spin and all the elements are stacked on top of each other. Not sure what I'm missing here as its not reliant on any js library. You have your CodePen's CSS configured to be prefix-freemeaning that vendor prefixes like -webkit- and -moz- are automatically inserted for you where applicable.

This means that when you copy over your code into JSFiddle, you no longer have this setting available to you, and the required prefixes aren't present in your code, and you'll need to add these in manually. For the most part you can rely on Can I Use For example, if we look for transform we'll see that IE9 requires the -ms- prefix, old versions of Firefox require the -moz- prefix and older versions of Chrome and other Webkit-based browsers require the -webkit- prefix:.

Learn more. Asked 5 years, 7 months ago. Active 5 years, 7 months ago. Viewed times.

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I'm wondering why this may be? If I add a -webkit prefix to the animation and transform properties, things act quite strangely. J 1 1 gold badge 4 4 silver badges 17 17 bronze badges. EHerman EHerman 1, 4 4 gold badges 24 24 silver badges 42 42 bronze badges. Most probably browser prefixes. Codepen has -prefix-free enabled. What is the browser and version that you are using? Thanks, I'm using chrome for testing. That was one of my original thoughts.

I Tried adding a -webkit prefix to the animation and transform properties but things act strange. I'll look into the prefix situation. Try this mate. It works in Chrome when the -webkit- is added.

That seems to work for me in chrome. When I added the -webkit prefix before the boxes were just spinning in place wierdly. Maybe I missed a prefix or something. Thank you for pointing that out! Active Oldest Votes. James Donnelly James Donnelly k 26 26 gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Thank you James! This was the first time I was using code as a template that I found on Codepen and was unaware they used the prefix-free setting.

I must have overlooked it, and thanks for the explination! Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.IO site. I spent a few hours while on CodePen, and after I picked my jaw up from the floor, I put together a collection of my favorite CodePen.

preloader js codepen

IO demos. Draw Worm is an eye-catching, canvas-based animation that creates branches; better yet, the animation follows the mouse, creating more branches. The value change is highlighted by opacity shine and animating around the circle.

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A great feat without JavaScript! Trail is another cavas-based masterpiece which creates different color rays that follow the user's mouse at an accelerated rate. Even color is that you can see grey lines stay in the background, representing vapor trails. This single-element demo composes the Google Chrome logo using :before and :afteras well as a number of CSS gradients.

Hover over the logo and it shrinks and rotates too! What's more impressive is that it's not just a spinning set of elements -- the elements warp into different shape patterns too. Linjer starts out as a pulsating set of colored lines, until you click around the lines!

The animations intensify near the clicks and the rippling becomes more meaningful. You'd be surprised at how little CSS is used to accomplish this task. Social Switchbook is probably the most practical of the demos provided in this post. The effect provides a keyring-style set of elements which animate into display as you hover over each.

preloader js codepen

No JavaScript involved. Canvas Fireworks is a neat and responsive demo, shooting fireworks to the position at which you click. There's even a control panel to all you to customize speed, color, and accuracy of the firework. The guys on Breaking Bad sell one hell of a drug, and Tim Pietrusky must have also beed on one when he created this excellent SVG-powered tribute to the shows opening credits.

Take note of how realistic the chemical smoke looks behind the logo! The sketch.Loading GIF or, so called loader gif is an animation that indicates a loading process on a web-site or an application. Being an critically important part of web-site and application design and usability, mostly the animations are used to show that something is loading on the background e.

AJAX applications. The animation objects are usually used in GIF format which is very popular due to it's history, but the loading images in SVG and CSS format are getting more and more poplular because of infinite size scalability - they can have any dimensions and relatively smaller size in bytes. At the moment the APNG format is supported by most major browsers now. It's still not very popular due to it's size in bytes comparing to all other formats.

For user convenience the images can be sorted to include only animations that are available in SVG format and by other options. Another subproject of ours provides the loading animations in CSS format. But it's not the main functionality of the project.

It's the generator form that allows users to modify the animated images as desired from within the web-site and create own unique "pre-loaders".

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Just click on a desired animation and you can set your own custom image colors, size, animation speed, frames amount and other advanced options. All loading icons on Preloaders.

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Most of the animations have the "add to cart" button. This button is there for users who are willing to purchase a source file in Adobe Photoshop. MAX format for advanced use of the corresponding animation. Source file.Making a CSS loader, preloader or spinner has become more and more popular in the last few years thanks to the rise of JavaScript frameworks like Vue, Angular and React. When I have to add a loader, buttons or text effects to a website or application, I like to look around for some inspiration first.

CodePen is a great place to find examples that are easy to replicate. Bellow, you will find a list of CSS loaders and loading spinners I found interesting or useful. An animated CSS loader that depicts four colorful rounded squares converging in the center one after another. It's not suitable for this client but it helps get my head into the job. See the Pen wineshop loader by nazarelen nazarelen on CodePen.

I really liked that little hand animation so I decided to recreate it in good pure CSS only. No JS was harmed.

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Although theoretically still in beta, Adobe Experience Design has become, thanks to the continuous stream of updates, a dependable tool for many UI and UX designers. Creating a flag mockup is fairly straight-forward if you follow this process, although it does require some Photoshop knowledge.

Here's a list of Sketch templates for anyone who's just getting started with UX design. A cool way to design a perfect map pin shape is by using this tip by Paulius Kairevicius.

One of the best ways to stay productive is to use the right tools. The use of animation and motion in user interfaces by designers has been steadily going up in the last few years. How to Make a Flag Mockup, Step by Step Creating a flag mockup is fairly straight-forward if you follow this process, although it does require some Photoshop knowledge. Helpful Extensions for Front-end Developers and Designers One of the best ways to stay productive is to use the right tools.

Subscribe to our big freebie newsletter Receive an awesome list of free handy resources in your inbox every week! Don't Forget to Bookmark. If you like this post press the Thumbs Up.Loading assets on a page is one of the most important parts to get right in order to achieve a fast first meaningful paint.

Usually, real world apps load multiple CSS, font, JavaScript and image files, and these assets a render-blocking by default, which impairs loading performance.

When a request to a resource is render-blocking, it means that the window. In modern single page apps, most of the frameworks rely on this event in order to start operating. That means that parts of the UI will not start rendering until the render-blocking requests have finished loading.

You can change the part with Roboto, to anything else like Roboto, You can find the code in this JS Fiddle. Please, go ahead and open it in Chrome. Are you interested in learning Vue. If so, I highly recommend you try The Vue. Learning from a premium resource like that is a serious investment in yourself.

Plus, this is an affiliate linkso if you purchase the course you help Alligator.

preloader js codepen

You should set the corresponding as attribute depending on the type of file. Instead, it keeps it in memory and is up to you to decide when to load it. By setting the rel attribute to stylesheetthe browser is told to use the resource.

Prefetching works similarly to preloading, with the difference that the browser considers the resource as low priority. This example, taken from this Google Developers article on preloadingshows that applying the preloaded JavaScript resource is done a little differently: you must set the src attribute of the file and insert it into the DOM:. Preloading and prefetching gives us more power on how the resources are loaded, boosting web performance and allowing for faster Progressive Web Apps.

Note that resource hints are not supported in all browsers just you, and you may want to use a polyfill in production. Tweet It.